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Lottery wheeling systems have been around almost as long as lotteries.  George Washington paid for the construction of a road with a lottery and there were lottery wheeling systems then too.  Many of the systems now offered on other sites were actually created many years ago.  These wheeling systems, as well as many today, had a major problem.  Lottery wheeling systems are only as accurate as the person who creates them.  Even when they are knowledgeable enough, super careful, and by some miracle do not make a single mistake, what about the typist, the editor, the publisher, the printer, etc.  It's a wonder any system actually provides the stated guarantee by the time it gets to you.

Computer Generated Lottery Wheeling Systems were created using our computers from start to finish to virtually eliminate any errors.  Just to be sure each system is checked against EVERY possible combination as a final step to ensure that it provides at least the minimum guarantee stated.  Other sites may say their wheeling systems are "guaranteed" but try to find their written guarantee!  Here is ours: 

"If any Computer Generated Lotto Wheeling System purchased on this site has an error that causes the purchaser to not win at least the equivalent of the minimum guaranteed prizes (or a better prize) stated for that wheel, we will refund the total wheel purchase price Plus the lost value of the prizes promised for that wheel.  This of course does not apply if you made the error, changed the wheel, forgot to bet all the tickets etc (Copies of the all the lotto play slips are required for verification)." 

If for example the Computer Generated Lottery Wheel guarantee promised that when all the winning numbers were anywhere in your group of wheeled numbers you will have at least five, 4 of 6 winning tickets.  Your wheeled numbers include all the winning numbers, but you only have two 4 of 6 wins.  In this case we would refund the total cost of the wheel system including any shipping and handling charges, and the winning amount of the other three 4 of 6 winning tickets that you were promised!  In addition you would receive a corrected wheeling system free.  If however you got only 1, 5 of 6 win in the example above that would fulfill the guarantee because even 1, 5 of 6 win would be a higher level prize than promised.

If you can't find a written guarantee on the other lottery sites, then there is no guarantee no matter what they lead you to believe.  Many times what you will find is a "For Entertainment Only" disclaimer so they don't have to stand behind their wheeling systems.  Remember, just a 1 digit error in just 1 of the numbers of a wheel can mean that hundreds of number combinations will not provide a win for the user.  You could have all the winning numbers in your wheel and still end up with nothing!  That is why anyone who wants to wheel numbers should use Computer Generated Lottery Wheels.  For the cost and guarantees of all the Computer Generated Lottery Wheels, select Wheel List.  For information on specially discounted Computer Generated Lottery Wheel Packages select Wheel Packages.

For more information on lotteries and lottery wheels select Information, on lottery software programs select Lottery_Software.

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