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PROBALOTO is not just another random number generated lottery program. Probaloto incorporates a sophisticated mathematical formula to weigh the numbers previously chosen, either positively or negatively, from a data file that is automatically updated as you use Probaloto.

Since Probaloto is entirely menu driven, data files are created just by typing in how many times each number has been chosen. Also, the data files can be created based on your personal preference for certain numbers.

The use of multiple data files and "adjustable" number ranges allows you to play almost all the lottery games (pick 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc., out of up to 99 numbers) in your state and the surrounding states.  Probaloto can even be used for the 10 number keno games.  Therefore, this one program is all you will ever need.

The numbers generated can be printed to the screen or printer (LPT1 only no USB) and are, at the users option, purely random, weighted random to favor the most chosen or weighted random to favor the least chosen numbers.

Probaloto offers the advantage of having the numbers chosen randomly plus the ability to weigh the numbers chosen, based on past history or personal intuition. It is truly the Probability Lottery Program.

Probaloto includes a number of abbreviated wheeling systems, Computer Generated Wheeling Systems and has options to help you add wheeling systems from other programs or listings. It has a full wheel generator so it can wheel every combination of numbers for any 5, 6 or 7 number lottery, clear up to 49 numbers if you wish. So if you would like to see the 5005 combinations of 6 numbers in 15, Probaloto will print them out for you.  

For for a complete description of all the features select the Probaloto Manual.

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Probaloto has been reviewed by national magazines.


"... I used Probaloto to pick my choices.  I had pretty close to 9% more successful pairings with the program than by random selection."

"All in all the program is well written and documented. It is easy to understand and run."


"It is well-documented and the program is menu driven -- it's so easy to use that after going through the documentation once, you'll probably file it away."

"When these results were compared to my original list, the weighted selections produced 7.5 percent more matches than the random selections."

PCM Magazine

"... if you feel that Lady Luck is not always random and want to use some sophisticated mathematics to bring her in on your side, then Probaloto may be just the thing for you."



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