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Program Comments

New Installation Instructions

The enclosed floppy must be installed as follows

Insert the enclosed floppy in your computer after Windows has completed loading. Select the Run option under the start menu in Windows 95 or Windows 98. In the run window type A:\setup.exe (if the floppy is in the A drive, if in another drive use that letter rather then A. If the program was shipped on CD use the letter of your CD drive) and select OK. It is recommend that you use the defaults but if you wish you may change the install directory etc. In one of the install windows the setup will ask for your name and a company name. You must have at least one letter in both. Just keep selecting Next until the setup is finished. Now you will have a listing under Start in Programs.


Now a word about the next page, the computer page. This is the page that warns the person who purchased the program that they will lose their first born if they allow anyone to copy the program . So they just don’t include that page in the copy. The copyright is for the program and the instruction book. Look at it this way, you paid a fair price for this program. If you make a copy for a friend and they make a copy for their friend and so on, they got free copies and you paid. The person who spent the time to write the programs does not get paid, and you lose because good new software will not be written for your computer. Besides, do you think your friend, who would not even pay the low price for this program, is going to share with you if they win the lottery??

Remember, the more programs that are SOLD, the more programs that will be written for your computer. More software for your computer means that it will become more valuable to you.





Copyright # 1984, 1985, 1987, 2000   

The software product and the printed publications are protected by the copyright laws. NO PART OF THE SOFTWARE PRODUCT OR PUBLICATIONS MAY BE REPRODUCED OR TRANSMITTED IN ANY FORM BY ANY MEANS, ELECTRONIC OR MECHANICAL, INCLUDING PHOTOCOPYING, RECORDING OR ANY INFORMATION STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM, WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE PUBLISHER. Two (2) backup copies of the software product may be made by and for the original purchaser only. These two (2) copies shall be used exclusively for backup. Further, the publisher reserves the right to revise the software product and printed publications, and to make changes from time to time without obligation to notify any person of the revision.

LIMITED WARRANTY: For 90 days from the original Purchaser’s receipt of this software product, the publisher will replace any cassette or diskette which fails to load. This limited warranty is only available to the original purchaser. Except for the limited warranty set forth above, THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. THE PUBLISHER WILL NOT BE LIABLE IN ANY EVENT FOR ANY DAMAGES INCLUDING LOSS OF DATA, PROFITS OR SAVINGS, CLAIMS AGAINST YOU BY ANY OTHER PARTY AND ANY OTHER INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF YOUR USE OF, OR INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARE OR MEDIA, EVEN IF THE PUBLISHER IS ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. So the above limitation may not apply to you.


NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES except as noted above.

Please feel free to contact me at the above address or telephone number about any problems or comments regarding this software product.




The probability Lottery Program











Pick 3

Pick 4

Regular lottery

Start data file

Print data file

Weighted games









  Display Main Menu screen.JPG (53227 bytes)   

 Click Picture to see actual Main Menu Screen 







PROBALOTO is not just another random number generated lottery program. Probaloto incorporates a sophisticated mathematical formula to weigh the numbers previously chosen, either positively or negatively, from a data file that is automatically updated as you use Probaloto.

Since Probaloto is entirely menu driven, data files are created just by typing in how many times each number has been chosen. Also, the data files can be created based on your personal preference for certain numbers.

The use of multiple data files and "adjustable" number ranges allows you to play almost all the lotteries (pick 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc.) in your state and the surrounding states. Therefore, this one program is all you will ever need.

The number generated can be printed (LPT1 only no USB) to the screen or printer and are, at the users option, purely random, weighted random to favor the most chosen or weighted random to favor the least chosen numbers.

Probaloto offers the advantage of having the numbers chosen randomly plus the ability to weigh the numbers chosen, based on past history or personal intuition. It is truly the Probability Lottery Program

Probaloto includes a number of abbreviated wheeling systems, Computer Generated Wheeling Systems and has options to help you add wheeling systems from other programs or listings. It will also wheel every combination of numbers for any 5, 6 or 7 number lottery, clear up to 49 numbers if you wish. So if you would like to see the 5005 combinations of 6 numbers in 15, Probaloto will print them out for you.






PROBALOTO is shipped on a MS-DOS formatted floppy. The program may be run from the floppy but we recommend that you create a directory on your hard disk and copy all the files from the floppy to the new directory on your hard disk. The floppy can then be saved for a backup if anything happens to the files on your hard disk. If you are not familiar with creating a directory or coping files from a floppy to your hard disk, please check the instruction manuals that came with your computer or with Windows.




Probaloto should be run under MS-DOS or in an MS-DOS window. The name of the program file to run is LOTTERY1.EXE. The program is menu driven but to use it properly it is suggested that you read the rest of this manual first, then start to use the program.





The name of the program will be displayed and then operation will begin. The first time you use Probaloto you will need to provide some information on the type of lottery you have in your state. The program will remember this info next time you start. (this info can be changed at any time by using the "R" option) First, Probaloto will ask how many numbers are picked in your state lottery. This may be anything from 1 (for a powerball number) all the way to 10 (for keno numbers). For most states this will be 5 or 6. (for a 5 in 39, or a 6 in 49 etc.)

The second question will ask for the largest number picked in your lottery. For a 6 number lotto from 1 to 49 the answer to this question would be 49. (it can be set up to 100 if needed for keno)

Next, you will be asked if you want the numbers chosen to be displayed to the screen only, or to the screen and the printer. (again, this can be easily changed later) If you select the printer option make sure the printer is on line and ready or the program may stop running to wait for the printer. You will also be asked if you want to create a verify file for Wincheck to use to check the numbers you picked for a winner. This option is very useful if you are playing a large number of bets, but unnecessary for most lottery players.

This is all the set-up required to start Probaloto. The information will be saved and the main menu will be displayed. At this point you may select your option. (See the sample of the main menu)

If you plan to use option D, then you will need to get a list of the numbers that have hit before. This can be obtained from the lottery office in your state or check where you buy your lottery tickets. You can also get the information off of the Internet at You will only need to get it once because Probaloto will keep track of the numbers from then on.






This program will pick lottery numbers for you.
Press the letter next to your choice to make a selection.

A For the pick 3 game

B For the pick 4 game

C For the regular lottery game, (1-10) numbers from 1 to (10-100)
                                           (the numbers here depend on set-up info)

D For ‘weighted’ random selections (pick3, pick4 or the regular lottery)

S To set up ‘weighted’ data files

P To print data files

R To reset lottery game (numbers picked, max numbers, printer on/off etc)

W To wheel up to 80 numbers into all possible combinations of 5,6,7,8,9 or 10

T To teach Probaloto your custom wheeling systems

E To end this program


  Display Main Menu screen.JPG (53227 bytes)   

 Click Picture to see actual Main Menu Screen 


Notice that there are no fancy graphics, bouncing balls etc. This program is for fast accurate number selection, period.






At the main menu a number of selections are available to you. We will talk about each in order except for option D, which will be explained at the end. Option D, the weighted game, needs the most explanation.


If A is pressed, Probaloto will select any number of sets of 3 random numbers from 0 to 9 for the pick 3 games. Pressing any key will return you to the main menu.


If B is pressed, Probaloto will select any number of sets of 4 random numbers from 0 to 9 for the pick 4 games. Pressing any key will return you to the main menu.


Pressing C will cause a program to select any number of sets of numbers for the regular lottery game. Each set will contain the amount of numbers you selected at the program startup (example 6) and will be random from one to the range selected at start up (example 1 to 49). Probaloto even sorts each set for you.


When using option D, the program can be run using data files, these data files are created with the option S. These files contain the number of times each number has been picked in previous drawings. The data files can be used for the pick 3, pick 4, or for the lottery games. The data files can be created by simply typing S at the main menu.

First, the program will ask you which type of game you want to play, pick 3, pick 4 or the lottery. Simply type the appropriate letter.

Then the program will ask for a date, simply type the date in any format and hit the enter key.

The next question is for the lowest number of times a number has been chosen. Example, if 10 had been chosen less than any other number, say 12 times, then type 12, and hit the enter key.

Next, the program will ask for the highest number of times any number has been chosen. Example, if 3 had been chosen more than any other number, say 25 times, the answer to this question would be 25 and then hit the enter key.

Now you will be asked how many times each number has been selected. Just answer for each number and hit the enter key. The program will check each number you enter to see that it's not less than the minimum or more than the maximum you entered earlier. If you make a major error, type -1 for the number of times and you will be returned to the main menu.

After you've finished all the numbers you will be asked to give this data file a name. The name can be up to eight characters long and may also include the normal 3 letter dot extension. (ex. OHIO.PK3) If you hit enter without typing a name, the program will name the file DATAFILE A, B, or C depending on the type of game. (pick 3, pick 4 or lottery) The data file will now be saved on your disk for use later.



This option will allow you to print out your data file provided you have created and saved it using the S option.. It is a good idea to print out a copy of your data files just in case they get destroyed later. After you press that the P option the program will ask the type of game (pick 3, pick 4 or lottery). Just press the proper letter and the program will ask for a filename. This is the name you gave the file when you created it with the S option earlier. If you let the program name your data file, by pressing just enter, then you can just press enter and the program will look at for the file named DATAFILE. The data file will now print to the screen or printer depending on your instructions when you started the program.


With this you can reset the printer, on or off, and change the lottery game numbers. For example you can go from a5 number lottery to a 6 number lottery etc.


This option allows you to wheel lottery numbers. When you select W you are given a new page with several more options. Option A allows you to wheel every possible number combination in a given set. For example if you wish to see all 5005 sets of 6 numbers in 15, This option will print them out for you. Options B – F are abbreviated wheels to play the lottery. Option G allows you to use the 25, 6 number guaranteed abbreviated wheels (WHEEL1-25) and any wheels you teach the program with the T option. In addition there are more then 600 Computer Generated Lottery Wheels available at an additional cost. Following is a description of the 25 included wheels. If you do not understand lottery wheels then do not use this option for now.


WHEEL1 - 8 numbers into 8 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 4 match in 8)
WHEEL2 - 8 numbers into 12 sets (5 out of 6 if at least 5 match in 8)
WHEEL3 - 9 numbers into 12 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 4 match in 9)
WHEEL4 - 9 numbers into 32 sets (5 out of 6 if at least 5 match in 9)
WHEEL5 - 10 numbers into 22 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 4 match in 10)
WHEEL6 - 10 numbers into 50 sets (5 out of 6 if at least 5 match in 10)
WHEEL7 - 11 numbers into 38 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 4 match in 11)
WHEEL8 - 11 numbers into 27 sets (5 out of 6 if all 6 match in 11)
WHEEL9 - 12 numbers into 15 sets (4 out of 6 - 3 times if 6 match in 12)
WHEEL10 - 12 numbers into 42 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 4 match in 12)
WHEEL11 - 12 numbers into 42 sets (5 out of 6 if all 6 match in 12)
WHEEL12 - 13 numbers into 72 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 4 match in 13)
WHEEL13 - 14 numbers into 108 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 4 match in 14)
WHEEL14 - 14 numbers into 40 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 5 match in 14)
WHEEL15 - 15 numbers into 154 sets (4 out of 6 if at least 4 match in 15)
WHEEL16 - 15 numbers into 21 sets (4 out of 6 if all 6 match in 15)
WHEEL17 - 16 numbers into 38 sets (4 out of 6 if all 6 match in 16) 
WHEEL18 - 18 numbers into 42 sets (4 out of 6 if all 6 match in 18)
WHEEL19 - 20 numbers into 35 sets (3 out of 6 if all 6 match in 20)
WHEEL20 - 20 numbers into 100 sets (4 out of 6 if all 6 match in 20)
WHEEL21 - 20 numbers into 266 sets (4 out of 6 if all 6 match in 20)
WHEEL22 - 22 numbers into 51 sets (3 out of 6 if all 6 match in 22)
WHEEL23 - 24 numbers into 63 sets (3 out of 6 if all 6 match in 24)
WHEEL24 - 26 numbers into 130 sets (3 out of 6 if at least 3 match in 26)
WHEEL25 - 30 numbers into 115 sets (3 out of 6 if all 6 match in 30)

In addition to the above 25, 6 number wheels Probaloto includes 15, 5 number
Computer Generated Wheels. These have names that look like Y5-3-511.6. The name
contains the guarantee information about the wheel.

The wheel Y5-3-511.6 means:

Y5-     Computer Generated Wheel, 5 numbers per set
3-511  a 3 out of 5 guarantee if the 5 winning numbers are in the 11 chosen
.6       requires 6 sets to be played


The wheel Y5-4T511.49 means:

Y5-      Computer Generated Wheel, 5 numbers per set
4T511  two 4 out of 5 guarantee if the 5 winning numbers are in the 11 chosen
.49       requires 49 sets to be played



This option will allow you to add your own wheeling systems from books etc. It is menu driven and easy to use if you understand wheeling systems. Just a quick reminder, when the program asks you to save the file, use a name you can easily remember. This name must conform to DOS standards. It may contain up to 8 characters and/or numbers with up to a 3 character dot extension. Long file names are not supported. Later you can use the option G above to substitute any numbers in your wheel.


This option simply ends the program bearded use the e option when you are all done for the day.


This is what makes the Probaloto program unique. Option D uses your data files to weight the random number selection. The first choice you make is for the type of game you want to play. Just hit the appropriate key.

Your next decision is how you want the numbers to be weighted. You have two choices, weighted towards the most picked or weighted towards the leased picked numbers. Make a decision and pressed 1 or 2. At this point you will be asked if you have a data file. If you do type 1, if you what go back and create a file type 3. You may also go ahead without an existing data file by pressing 2, but you must then answer a number of questions to provide the necessary information for the program. This takes time and should only be done if you're never going to use this data again. If you do pressed 2 than just answer all the questions and the program will set up the weighted array used to pick the numbers.

By typing 1 you say they you have a data file, so next you must give the name of that file. You may type the name and hit enter or just hit enter for the default name DATAFILE. IF any numbers have been picked sense the date of your file you must type them in now. follow each member with an enter key, when you are finished simply type –1 and hit the enter. If any new numbers were entered than the file can be updated by pressing Y when Probaloto asks "do you want to save the changes". You will need to type in the new date and then hit enter. If you say no to the update question or did not type in any new numbers than the file will not be changed.

Probaloto will set up the weighted array and asked how many sets of numbers you would like. Just remember if you print to the screen don't use more sets then lines on the screen. You will be able to select more without starting over. All you need do is type Y when asked if you want anymore sets. If you hit N you'll be asked to hit any other key to continue. Hit most any key to continue BUT the *, the * will end the program.





From the previous pages it sounds like you'd be hard to run Probaloto. Don't worry, the program is all menu driven and easy to run. Try it! The only item you will need is information from past drawings so you can enter the number of times each number has been picked. You can get this information from the local lottery agents or from the Internet at

The first three options (A, B & C) are just random number selections. New random seed numbers are selected each time the program is used so the selections over time are truly random.

The D option works differently. If you wanted to select random numbers you would put each of the numbers in a hat and draw out 5 or 6. Probaloto gets a big "HAT" and puts each number in the hat the number of times it's been picked before. Then it picks the numbers from the hat. This makes the selection weighted towards the most picked numbers. If you wanted the numbers to be weighted towards the least picked, the least picked numbers are placed in the hat more times than the most picked. The exact relationship is kept, if the number has been picked twice as many times as in other number than the lowered number goes in the had twice as many times as will the higher pick number. This means the weighted random selection from the had will tend to pick the lowest picked numbers but not rule out the highest picked numbers.

If you think the lottery numbers are truly random use options A, B, or C.

If you think the way numbers are picked may favor certain numbers then use option D and weight the numbers towards the most picked. (such as fixed dice or weighted balls)

But if you feel that the law of probability may have an effect then use option D and weight the selection towards the least picked numbers. Remember, if you are lucky enough to flip a coin and get heads for times in a row, Probability says that the next time it will be tales. Even though the chances are 50/50, the lowest hit number will probably hit next, that's why you may want to weigh toward the least picked.

Probaloto lets you decide and allows you to play your way!






Question. Can I make data files to favor my favorite numbers?

Answer. Yes, just create a data file and give your favorite numbers more weight than the others. If your favorite numbers are 5 and 7, make the weight of all the numbers 5 except for 5 and 7. Make the weight of 5 and 7 equaled the 10. Then weigh the selection towards the most picked. Five and seven will have twice as much chance of coming up in the weighted random selections.

Question. Can the most recently picked numbers have more weight than the numbers date in the past?

Answer. Yes, look at how many times each number has been hit in the past. Create a data file but use only ˝ the number of past hits. If 1 has been picked 26 times use 13, if 2 has been picked 30 times use 15 etc. From now on the numbers that are picked (and added to the data file) will have twice the weight as the numbers selected in the past. If the old hits are divided by 10 rather then 2, the new numbers will have 10 times the influence of the numbers picked in the past.

Question. Can Probaloto be used for the "Power Ball" type lottery?

Answer. Yes, but it takes one more step on your part.  The power ball type lottery is actually two lotteries, a 5 out of 45 and a 1 out of 45 (the 45 is just an example).  For the random selection (option C) you must set the program up for the first part (5 of 45), select your sets and then set the program up for the second part (1 of 45) and select the power ball number.  In the weighted options you must set up two data files, one for 5 or 45 and one for 1 of 45.  This extra step only takes a minute or two and allows Probaloto to be used for almost any lottery in the world.

Question. Why doesn’t Probaloto use fancy graphics or pictures?

Answer. This program is used to select lottery numbers and not to play games like space invaders. People who want numbers do not want to wait for fancy graphics or pictures. Also, an MS-DOS structure allows the program to run under any computer that supports DOS.






The date of this file is 05/01/00 (additional date info may be included here)
The lowest times any number has been picked is 23
The highest times any number has been picked is 45
Here is a list of the numbers and the times each has been picked

1      33
2      38
3      33
4      27
5      42
6      39
7      31
8      32
9      38
10    38
11    32
12    23
13    37
14    40
15    30
16    34
17    31
18    38
19    41
20    43
21    37
22    45
23    35
24    26
25    30


A free copy of Wincheck is also included


Welcome to Wincheck, the program designed to help you find your winning lottery numbers. Wincheck is designed to work with files that were created for or by the programs Let's Make A Wheel and Probaloto. Wincheck is automatically installed when you install either of the programs. Some examples of files that will work are:

WHEEL1-25 (Wheeling files from Probaloto or Let's Make A Wheel)

WHEEL-A-F (Wheeling files from Probaloto or Let's Make A Wheel) (Optional Computer Generated Custom Wheeling Systems)

CHKFILE (Check files created by Probaloto or Let's Make A Wheel)

There are two basic types of files used by Wincheck. These are "Wheeling" files and "Check" files. Some examples of wheeling files are WHEEL1-25, WHEEL-A-F, and all of the files created with the TEACH option of Probaloto and Let's Make A Wheel. Wheeling files are created first and used to wheel your numbers. These same files can be used by Wincheck to check for winners. The options of Probaloto and Let's Wheel that do not use wheeling files (such as random selections) can create "Check Files". 

The check flies can be created when you use the "Weighted" or "Random" options (options C & D) of Probaloto and the "Full" wheeling option (option A) of Let's Make A Wheel and Probaloto. If you turn verify on, these options will create a file with your sets of numbers for Wincheck. Wheeling files can have from 2 to over 5000 sets while check flies are limited to around 2000 sets. This should take care of even the largest lottery pools.

Any data files that you have from other programs will not work with Wincheck.


Probaloto and Let's Make A Wheel do not create a check file when you are using any of the abbreviated wheeling systems. Wincheck can use the base wheeling system to check for the winners. This saves disk space and lets you easily check your wheeling systems for "what if" certain numbers are used. When using wheeling files Wincheck will request the following items.

1. The name of the wheeling file.

2. How many winning numbers are drawn (5,6,7,11,20 etc.)

3. Each of the winning numbers one at a time

4. Number of matches required for a minimum win (usually 3 or 4)

5. The numbers you wheeled in Probaloto or Let's Wheel (must be the same numbers in the same order - if you use the wrong numbers or a different order the results will be wrong - check your printout for numbers and order)

6. A 1 or a 2 for output to screen or screen and printer

The sets that have the minimum win or more will be printed along with the number of correct matches. 

The base wheeling systems are the only files used. If you want to check many different groups of numbers with the same wheeling system you still only have one file on the disk. In step 5 you can use a different group each time to check "what if" bets. This unique feature saves disk space and confusion.

CHECK FILES: (From Probaloto or Let's Make A Wheel)

Check files are the actual numbers from weighted or random number selections and not base wheeling systems. These files can be checked almost the same as the wheeling files except that step 5 is not used. The information required is the same for every other step.

When using a check file Wincheck will request the following items.

1. The name of the check file.

2. How many winning numbers are drawn (5,6,7,11,20 etc.)

3. Each of the winning numbers one at a time

4. Number of matches required for a minimum win (usually 3 or 4)

5. No information required (will skip this step for a check file)

6. A 1 or a 2 for output to screen or screen and printer

After the list of winners has been printed the program will let you use the same file again (for 'what if' checks) or you can start over with another check or wheeling file. If you want to quit the program type Q at the program prompt.

Wincheck will know if the file you are using is a base wheeling system, or a check file from Probaloto or Let's Make A Wheel. Only the required data will be requested. If you type data that is out of range a help message will be printed on the screen. Just read and answer each question.

Good Luck, I hope you win a million!


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